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Blue Mountain Pony Club

Angi: Creek Valley Ranch,  415782 10th Line (just south of Redwing)
Heather: 357237 The Blue Mountains/Meaford TownLine (just outside Thornbury)
Dahna: 136709 Grey Road 12 (just south of Grey Road 40)
Please inform Heather if you can NOT attend.
Tuesday 7th -- Badge presentations (at Heather's house)
Friday 10th -- Movie Night (at Creek Valley), 7 p.m.
Tuesday 21st -- Badge presentations continued
Tuesday 4th -- Angie Hill, DVM, topic: equine teeth and dental care; location: L.E.Shore Library in Thornbury, 7 p.m.
Tuesday 18th -- Workbook/Study Guide night
Tuesday 3rd -- Guest speaker Margot Rochester on stress management
Tuesday 17th -- Quiz Prep (written)
Tuesday 31st -- Fun and learning at the Georgian Bay Equine Clinic
Tuesday 14th -- Quiz Prep (games and objects)
Tuesday 28th -- Practice Written Tests
Tuesday 12th -- Written Tests
Tuesday 26th -- Introduction to Western (at Emily M.'s)
Tuesday 9th -- TBA
Tuesday 23rd -- TBA

January 28: meet the new members; at Heather's house
February 4th: speaker Angie Hill, DVM; Skin Issues; at the L.E. Shore Library, 7 p.m.
March 10: freestyle and pas de deux prep with Rachael; at Brassard's, 7 p.m.
April (date TBA): turnout excellence; with Rachael; at Brassard's 7 p.m.

Regional Events 2020:

QUIZ: April 18 (in Guelph)

Camp: July 5 to 10 (limited to 35 campers)

Dressage and Show Jumping: July 18 and 19